Friday, 24 November, 2017


Pupils at Thetford Grammar School all support each other, across the age groups, with many opportunities to work and learn together, such as our House System and School Council.


House System

The School is divided into four Houses, each named after a famous Old Thetfordian and distinguished by colour.

Pupils compete in a variety of activities throughout the school year, from Sports Afternoons, Swimming Galas, an annual House Quiz, Book Week Quiz and the Preparatory School House Music Festival.

Pupils receive House points for effort and achievement and there are many chances for them to get involved and help their House try to win the House Cup, through their enthusiasm, energy and talent.


School Council

The School Council are elected pupil representatives who meet regularly to consider school review and suggest improvements.

There are two separate councils for the Preparatory School and Main School. They include representatives from each year group and senior Sixth Form students provide overall coordination.

Discussions range from the charities to be supported by the non-uniform days and collections at end of term services, to issues such as the lunch queue, school lunch menus, recycling, picnic tables for the garden, provision of sports clubs and badges for School Council members.

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