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GCSE Level Results, August 2016

  • 39 students sat GCSEs in Year 11 this year spanning over 25 subjects;
  • 18% of grades were awarded at A* (national average in 2015 for comparison: 6.6%);
  • 43% A* and A* (national average in August 2015 for comparison: 21.2%);
  • 95% A* – C (national average in August 2015 for comparison: 69%);
  • 100% A* – G (national average in August 2015 for comparison: 98.6%).

I am extremely pleased to note that the highest 43% of GCSE grades (i.e. A*/A) has hugely surpassed last year’s already impressive figure of 34%.

  • 95% of Thetford Grammar School pupils passed at least 5 A* – C GCSEs
  • 90% of pupils at TGS passed A* – C in at least 5 GCSEs, including English and Mathematics
  • The average number of GCSEs obtained per student = 8.6
  • Top performers: 7 pupils scored 8 A and A* grades or better
  • Thetford Grammar School’s top performers: 16 Year 11 pupils scored at least 8 GCSEs at A */B grades or better.

Notable pupil successes in alphabetical order:


Max Albury – 6 GCSEs Grade A*, 4 GCSEs Grade A

Jack Bercovici – 9 GCSEs Grade A*, 2 GCSEs Grade A, EPQ (equivalent to half an A Level) Grade A
Jack also received A GCSE Music, August 2015.

Philippa Buckley – 9 GCSEs Grade A*, 1 GCSE Grade A, EPQ Grade B
Pippa also received A* GCSE Dutch, August 2015.

Daniel Connolly – 5 GCSEs Grade A*, 4 GCSEs Grade A, 1 GCSE Grade B, EPQ Grade B

Evie Pettingale – 4 GCSEs Grade A*, 5 GCSEs Grade A, 1 GCSE Grade B

Jacob Wright – 10 GCSEs Grade A*, EPQ  Grade A

Departmental Overview:

The Mathematics department scored a very respectable 92% of pupils scoring at least A* to C. English Language achieved 97% of pupils scoring at least A* to C, whilst English Literature scored 74% A* to B. The Art department, including Fine Art and Photography, scored a very impressive 93% A* to B grades. The Sciences, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics, achieved a very impressive 94% A* to B, with an amazing 48% achieving A* grades in the department. Drama scored 100% A* to B. Design and Technology achieved 71% A* to B. The Classics department, including Latin and Ancient Greek, impressed with 80% of pupils achieving A*. The MFL department’s German scored 100% A* to B and French achieved 88% A* to C. History scored 89% A* to C. Geography achieved 80% A* to B. Music was a very respectable 86% A* to B. The Computing department, including Computer Science and ICT, achieved 86% A* to B. Religious Studies achieved 88% A* to C.

Finally, many congratulations to 16 of our Year 10 pupils who took ‘early’ GCSEs in German (100% A*), Mathematics (100% A*) and Science (100% A* to C).



A Level Results, August 2016

27 students sat A Level exams in Year 13 this year spanning over 20 subjects;

  • 20% of grades were awarded at A* (national average in 2015 for comparison: 8.2%);
  • 38% A and A* (national average in August 2015 for comparison: 25.9%);
  • 99% A* – E (national average in August 2015 for comparison: 98.1%).

I am extremely pleased to note that the highest 38% of A Level grades (i.e. A*/A) greatly surpassed last year’s figure of 32%.

Notable student successes in alphabetical order:

Patrick Davis – A Business Studies, A* ICT, A English Literature. Patrick will be moving onto Bournemouth University to study Business Information Technology.

Thomas Dennis – A* Chemistry, A* Further Mathematics, A* Mathematics, A Biology (AS). Thomas is going on to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath.

Omar El Oakley – A Biology, A* Chemistry, A* Mathematics, A* Physics. Omar is gaining experience as a personal support worker before applying for Medicine next year.

Robert Heighton – A* Chemistry, A Further Mathematics, A* Mathematics, A* Physics, A Biology (AS). Robert is moving on to study Physics at Durham University.

Emma Ruddy – A* Biology, A* Chemistry, A Mathematics, A* EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), A Further Maths (AS). Emma will be studying Chemistry, also at Durham University.

Holly Simpson – A Chemistry, A French, B Geography, A Mathematics. Holly will be studying Economics with French, also at Durham University.

The Mathematics department scored particularly highly with 80% of students scoring at least A* or A. PE was a very impressive 100% achieving at least A* or A grade. In Fine Art and Photography 75% of grades were at A* to B, and in Biology, Chemistry and Physics the department was rewarded with 74% A* to B grades. French was very positive at 67% A* to B. English and ICT achieved a very respectable 100% A* to C.

Our AS results were more varied than last year. This seems to follow a national trend with the significant changes this year to examinations in Year 12 and 13 and the uncoupling of AS and A2 assessments.

Our highest achieving pupil was Clemency Wood, who scored an impressive A Textiles, A Biology and A in Geography.

I am delighted that the vast majority of our students performed exceptionally well in their examinations and have gone on to achieve their university offers. Many of our youngsters are off to their first choice of university, once again, a tribute to their hard work and the excellent teaching standard which they receive here at Thetford Grammar School. A major factor in the success of all subjects this year stems from our favourable teacher/pupil ratios, small class sizes, tracking systems, close monitoring and intervention processes guided by our strong pastoral and academic team.

All of our students, regardless of their ability or aspirations, have made well informed choices about their futures, and I wish every one of them very successful futures.

Mark S. Bedford

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