Friday, 24 November, 2017

Why TGS?

chatting groupThe roll of Headmasters at TGS goes back to 1114, therefore we are one of oldest independent schools in England. We are a small flourishing and fully coeducational day school which is situated right in the heart of Thetford. We welcome all pupils from age 3 to 18. We are proud of the warmth of our community and of the way in which pupils across different year groups work successfully together.

Our approach

Our underlying belief is that every child is an individual. We are a small school, which allows every pupil to be challenged, to achieve and to grow. Our distinctive approach provides many benefits in academic, pastoral and extracurricular areas.

We offer a flexible curriculum and favourably-sized classes. Both result in individual attention and excellent value-added attainment. Our staff know their pupils very well, recognise their particular strengths and weaknesses and are able to set learning targets for each individual.

The excellent relations between pupils and staff result in a strong family atmosphere. Knowing our pupils well allows us to encourage them to take risks, safe in the knowledge that we will support them. This allows every pupil to be challenged, to achieve and to grow.

As TGS is a small school there are many chances for your child to take part in a play, perform in a music group, be selected for a team or a position of responsibility. These activities will increase your child’s confidence and self-belief.

Our 300 pupils benefit from an academically robust yet rounded education that includes a range of extra-curricular activities and a strong pastoral system. We offer a high standard of education with good academic results achieved in a small and caring pupil-centred environment that enables individual attention and support for every pupil.

Our ethos and aims

Thetford Grammar School has offered education continuously for nine centuries. We are justly proud of this. Yet we are very aware that the world into which your child will emerge is a fast moving, ever changing one and that it is vital to embrace this challenge from the start, which we do, fully. Our aim is to develop the whole child. At the heart of our inclusive family community is the creative growth of every individual in all areas: academic, physical, emotional, cultural and social.

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