Friday, 24 November, 2017


Form Tutors are the most important people for pupils to get to know. They are the first link between pupils, families and the school and the first person for pupils to turn to if they have any problems while at school. Form Tutors deal with matters like lost property, social issues, problems with homework or any other difficulties you may encounter at school.

Other key people that can help are:

  • Head of Prep Mrs Nicki Peace
  • Deputy Head Mrs Elders
  • Headmaster Mr Bedford

Pastoral care is to be regarded as of prime importance. An unhappy or troubled child cannot benefit from education; therefore each member of staff must be aware or made aware of pupils’ problems, to enable them to understand and help the children.

Prep Code of Conduct

In the Prep School we aim to provide a positive and productive learning environment in which everybody can work, progress and play together happily. People don’t always like each other naturally and it can be difficult to learn the give and take of working together in a group. There is no excuse, however, for unpleasant and bullying behaviour and we take this very seriously. Our Prep School Code of Conduct shows what we expect of each other and pupils and parents are encouraged to speak to their child’s Form Tutor if concerns arise so that they can be dealt with immediately. All members of the Prep School took part in discussion and contributed to the forming of the Code. Click <here> to view a copy of the Code.

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