Friday, 24 November, 2017

Academic Life

Senior School Day

Teaching, support and guidance

Academic study lies at the heart of Thetford Grammar School. We are determined to give our pupils every opportunity to make the most of their abilities through a combination of well taught lessons, a supportive learning environment and by enabling students to take responsibility for the academic direction they wish to take.

With guidance from their teachers and tutors, pupils are able to make increasingly important choices about their programme of study as they progress through the school. Initially, most subjects are compulsory. In Year 9 we support and advise pupils as they face very important decisions about the GCSE courses they will follow. Throughout Years 10 and 11, we encourage our pupils to explore what is available at A-Level and how it would match their personal aptitudes and interests. It is important to us that pupils’ choices are positively made and right for them individually.

Effective study and time management

Encouraging and enabling pupils to work effectively and independently is an ongoing aspiration. We teach them effective study methods and time management skills to ensure that their busy and demanding schedules are also enjoyable and fruitful.

Teacher to pupil ratio

Our very favourable teacher/pupil ratio of 1:18 helps us to support all students fully and allows our staff to acknowledge and respond to the different learning requirements of each student. Staff are passionate about both their subjects and educational ideas, which leads to an environment of idea sharing and discussion – an atmosphere that is translated into the classroom, sowing seeds for lifelong intellectual curiosity.

Tutorial support

Almost all members of the teaching staff are form tutors, and tutoring is a major part of their professional role. Subject teachers work closely with form tutors and with each other to encourage students to set ambitious but achievable targets for their own study. We encourage regular communication between parents and the School, both informally as the need may arise, and formally through parents’ evenings and twice termly progress reports.

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