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HomeworkLearning at home is an essential part of good education. The aim of independent learning is to develop good study habits by providing all pupils with the experience of studying by themselves and using their initiative. As pupils progress through school, their ability to work independently can have a significant impact on their degree of success.

Homework tasks pupils are required to complete might include:

  • Practice (review) to consolidate and reinforce work already done in class
  • Preparation to assemble ideas and materials in readiness for a new topic/ lesson
  • Extension to enable pupils to practise applying previously learnt materials or skills to a new situation
  • Integration where a range of skills and ideas are employed to produce an extended piece of work

Not all homework tasks are written. Thinking, revising, reading, research and oral assignments are all important forms of work.

Homework will be set on a regular basis for all pupils and needs to be handed in on time.

General guidelines and expectations:

     Year 7 – 8 

About 1 hour per night 

     Year 9 

About 1 ½ hour per night 

     Year 10 -13 

Minimum 2 hours per night 
Homework planners will be issued at the start of the year to allow pupils to record tasks set and to assist in the management of completing tasks.

Pupils will also be given a homework timetable and they should aim to complete the homework on the timetabled night.

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