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Learning Support

CReSTeDThe Learning Support Department at Thetford Grammar School enjoys a particularly strong reputation for its success in giving specialist help to dyslexic students.  We have been supporting children with dyslexia for many years and the School has been CReSTeD registered since 2013.  Please take time to read our excellent CReSTeD report for more insight into our work with dyslexic pupils:

Thetford Grammar School is an inclusive community and our aim is to provide an education that, to the best of our abilities, can cater for all children who meet the requirements of our entrance procedures.  We recognise that some individuals will have particular needs which we will endeavour to address.  Within our current and past list of pupils are students who have been supported with a range of learning needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ASD.
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We believe our small and friendly class sizes enable us to help each individual pupil to maximize their learning potential. We pride ourselves not only on our ability to offer academic extension to encourage our gifted and talented pupils to achieve at the highest levels, but also our ability to motivate and support those pupils who may need some additional help in specific subjects.  We firmly believe that with the appropriate level of support and encouragement many children are able to overcome their difficulties and succeed independently at the intrinsic academic levels that they are capable.

Some pupils in the Senior School study a reduced number of GCSEs.  They are also provided with additional help in support lessons either through specific help with subject specialists or via more general teaching assistant support as deemed appropriate.  The individual and group learning support in the Senior school takes place in two designated classrooms that have recently formed a new Learning Support area designed to enhance provision and status within the school.  Both rooms contain a variety of multi-sensory materials, practical equipment, computer software and a variety of text books and reading books chosen to support the Senior School schemes of work. All Learning support pupils have regular access to use these facilities during times of private study and are closely supervised by a staff member from the Learning support department.

Staff in the senior school also operate additional support sessions during lunchtimes or after school and pupils needing reinforcement and revisiting are encouraged to attend.

We have the same ambitions for pupils with SEN as we do for those without, and we are proud of the value we add at TGS and of their achievements, both academic and personal. They experience high levels of success at GCSE level, and A level study and most proceed to higher education, including some of the most prestigious institutions.

If you would like to discuss any learning support needs then please contact the school’s Special Needs Coordinator Mrs Kate Jones


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