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Pastoral Care

PastoralLife at TGS is about more than just the classroom. It is about the richness of opportunity, the development of the individual and the realisation of potential. Pupils are best placed to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them if they are happy, balanced and full of confidence. This is why a friendly, secure and supportive school environment plays such an important part in their development.

We aim to give every pupil at TGS individual attention to ensure that they are happy and fulfilled. The school is characterised by mutual respect between all pupils and teachers, with all expected to accept responsibility for their own actions and to behave with care and consideration towards others. The comprehensive pastoral support system we have developed ensures we can make this happen.

The Form Tutor plays an essential role in the pastoral care for your child and is the first port of contact if there is any problem at all at school.

The Form Tutor will deal with matters like lost equipment, issues between friends, problems with homework or any other difficulties your child may encounter at school. Tutors can be contacted by telephone or email or should you like a meeting this can be arranged with the tutor.

It is our aim to develop a relationship with both pupils and parents and find that this contact is an essential part of our pastoral care.

You can contact the form tutor via the School Office 01842 752840 or via e-mail:

Year 7
7H Miss Humphrey -
7S Mrs Salt -

Year 8
8H Mr Hill -
8D Miss Dunsmore -

Year 9
9M Mr Maringue -
9S Dr Shillings -

Year 10
10A Mrs Alecock -
10B Ms Bailey - ejb@

Year 11
11G Mr Glassbrook -
11S Mr Simpson -
11TG Mrs Granger -

Year 12
12LW Mrs Wingham -
12W Mr Ward -

Year 13
13B Mrs Beukes -
13D Mr Durling -

Other key people to contact that can help are:

Head of KS3 (Years 7-9)
Mrs Heather Pringle

Head of KS4 (Years 10-11)
Miss Amanda Sherring

Head of Sixth Form (Years 12-13)
Mr Stephen Spencer MA (Open)

Mr Gareth Price

Deputy Head
Mrs Kathrin Elders

Every pupil at TGS belongs to a House. Their House provides a place of support and friendship. The School is divided into four Houses, each named after a famous Old Thetfordian and distinguished by colour. These Houses, with their Heads of House are:

Coles - Blue - Mrs Beukes
Cronsheys  - Yellow - Mr Marinque
Millingtons- Green - Mr Hill
Reeds - Red - Ms Humphrey

Each House is led by a member of staff and sixth-formers and consists of a cross-section of pupils from Juniors to Sixth Form who meet at Assembly time on a Wednesday at least twice every half-term.

Every pupil has the chance to take part in the House Programme. The Houses compete in sporting and non-sporting activities, from Hockey, Public Speaking to House Drama, and through the House Points system. There are therefore many chances through the year for everyone to get involved and help their House try to win the House Cup, through their enthusiasm, energy and talent. Throughout, the emphasis is on friendly rivalry, co-operation and maximum achievement by a wide range of pupils.

New Counselling Service

TGS has a new counselling service for all students in the Senior School. Our Counsellor Nikki Findlay will be in school on set dates for students to book sessions with.

Nikki is part of the Open Arms Support Service and has been employed by TGS to offer a counselling service to our students. She currently works with other schools in the area and is very familiar with the issues facing our young people today.

She is an occupational Therapist, specialising in emotional well-being and mental health in children, young children and adults.

She has worked in a variety of settings including recovery teams, forensic services, under 25’s team and social care teams.

Open Arms Support Services Ltd is a multidisciplinary team that includes consultant psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, educational psychologists and social workers.

They work in schools across Norfolk, Suffolk and parts of Essex, supporting young people to improve their emotional well-being.

It might be to help manage exam stress, concerns about food and body image or because the young person is not receiving a service from the under 25’s team. We help young people using a range of different methodologies but are always holistic, and focussed on the individual. We can work individuals and or families.

Nikki has been commissioned by TGS to offer students a termly clinic. She will offer a one to one consultation with pupils who need to discuss their concerns or worries.

Appointments can be booked directly with Nikki via email or with the school via the Head of Key stages Mrs Pringle/Ms Sherring.

Pupils or parents can pick up one of her cards from the office in School House.

If you would like further information please contact Mrs Heather Pringle

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