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Sixth Form

Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at Thetford Grammar School is a natural progression from all that has gone on before. It paves the way for future university and career choices. There is some provision for adding or re-taking GCSEs, but the main emphasis is on achieving good AS and A levels in a familiar, positive and supportive environment.

For those who have been members of the school before, it is a time when they are amongst friends who are all keen to do well. It is a time when they can develop and strengthen relationships with staff in their small Sixth Form classes. Those who are new to the school will find that they are made extremely welcome by staff and students alike. For whatever reason they enter the Sixth Form the opportunities are there for students to work hard, to receive first class teaching in small groups and to be part of an active and civilised community. Our emphasis is on developing the individual, drawing out everyone’s particular talents and qualities and encouraging a diversity of involvement from the physical elements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the creative opportunities of music to the practical skills of preparing presentations for interviews. We expect our Sixth Formers to be an important and integral part of the whole school, involved with its organisation and smooth-running, making friends with and providing a good example for all our pupils from 3½ years old to 18.

The Cloisters, our Sixth Form Centre, is an ideal environment for our senior pupils. There is undoubtedly a transition period for most pupils when they enter the Sixth Form. Pupils who have had a very structured life being taught nine or more GCSEs now learn to be more independent students in preparation for responsibility and authority as adult members of the community. Some of the ways Thetford Grammar School helps to smooth this transition are detailed in this prospectus. We hope to produce well-qualified, positive young people who have enjoyed their school days and are well prepared for the challenges of life after leaving school, and we look forward to meeting you and working with you in this context.

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