Friday, 24 November, 2017

Learning Support

Thetford Grammar School is an inclusive community and our aim is to provide an education that, to the best of our abilities, can cater for all children who meet the requirements of our entrance procedures. We recognise that during their time at Thetford Grammar some individuals may at times need some extra support, either with their studies or personal issues and we will endeavour to address any issues that arise on an individual basis.

Within our current sixth form and list of past pupils are students who have been supported with a range of learning needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ASD. We believe our small and friendly sixth form enables us to help each individual pupil to maximize their learning potential. We pride ourselves not only on our ability to offer academic extension to encourage our gifted and talented pupils to achieve at the highest levels, but also our ability to motivate and support those pupils who may need some additional help in specific subjects. We recognise that sixth form study can be stressful for some students and we ensure that emotional support is also easily accessible according to individual needs. In the first instance students are encouraged to talk to their form tutors. Small form groups mean that we are able to provide excellent general support regarding concerns relating to exam stress and workload management. We firmly believe that with the appropriate level of support and encouragement many children are able to overcome their difficulties and succeed independently at the intrinsic academic levels that they are capable.

If you would like to discuss any learning support needs then please contact the school’s Special Needs Coordinator Mrs Kate Jones.


  1. The special arrangements referred to in this document cover extra time, use of a word-processor, large format or coloured papers, transcription and any other arrangements offered by the examination boards.
  2. The pupils referred to will be those currently listed as having special needs on the list held and published by the school’s Special Needs Coordinator Kate Jones.
  3. Whether or not a child is receiving additional tuition, he or she will be entitled to benefit from special examination arrangements according to the following precept:

Pupils may receive special examination arrangements such as extra time (usually 25%) in an external examination if they have a report from the school’s Special Needs Coordinator Kate Jones or an independent educational psychologist which supports the need for extra time. Ideally these reports must be with the Headmaster as early as possible to enable the school to make its own administrative arrangements and to assist with early application to the relevant Exam Boards.

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