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We are surrounded by art and design products and with the increasing popularity of fashion, textiles and photography never has there been a better time to study them further. The subjects enable you to use the creative side of your brain that may otherwise lie dormant.

The TGS Art Department is a highly valued, lively and energetic environment. Pupils’ understanding and enjoyment of art and design is developed through activities that bring requirements from both Investigating and Making and Knowledge and Understanding whenever possible.  Subject matter is both relevant and topical in response to the visual world around us, encouraging innovation and invention, curiosity and discovery. The work embraces many cultures, materials and experiences and is aimed at providing pupils with a creative, enquiring environment.

GCSE ArtOur aim is to develop pupils’ creative skills, competence, ideas and to increase their independence.

Our role is to initiate and stimulate curiosity and exploration, opening pupils’ minds to the vast world which is only available to them through the sense of vision.  Within the department there is the expertise to offer numerous endorsements including Textiles, Fine Art,  Photography, Ceramics, Painting, Printing and Graphics from years 7 to 13.

We offer numerous opportunities outside of school hours giving pupils access to the world around them through first-hand experience. These include study sessions, Art’s Award, entering competitions, contributing to school productions, visiting artists, trips abroad and within the UK. Recent trips to New York and Barcelona were a huge success and visiting cartoon artist Calvin Innes was a particular highlight.

The National Arts Award scheme has been established in the school making connections across the creative subjects and giving art students the opportunity to develop their experience of the Arts in a variety of ways. We offer this accredited scheme at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.



The OCR GCSE qualification in Art & Design encourages students to:

  • Actively engage in art & design developing effective cultural and critical links becoming reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.
  • Develop creative skills, competence, ideas and increase independence.
  • Actively engage with a broad range of media and develop an understanding of the different roles, functions, audiences and consumers of art, craft and design practice.
  • Develop critical understanding & attributes including self-confidence, resilience, perseverance, self-discipline & commitment.

Students will also gain:

  • A personal interest in why art & design matters.
  • Experience of working within a real and relevant framework.
  • Experience of the work practices of individuals, organisations and the creative and cultural industries.

Assessment Information

Personal portfolio - 60% of GCSE

Students are required to complete a unit of work on a given theme. The unit will consist of practical outcomes and supporting studies produced in sketchbooks.

Externally set assignment – 40% of GCSE

This is the culmination of the GCSE course. The assignment consists of one externally set broad-based thematic starting point. Supporting studies are produced in sketchbooks and the timed test is 10 hours long taken in March/April of Year 11.

Work Journal/Sketchbook

This work will contain evidence of the development of students’ ideas, including reference to the work of others, showing understanding of meanings, contexts and the ability to make skilled judgments, using an appropriate visual/verbal form. Its use encourages creative thinking and can improve student’s general learning skills.


Work in digital photography will be a means of personal enquiry and expression involving the selection and manipulation of images. Students must use creative approaches which go beyond observation and recording.

Disciplines include: Digital photography, Photography genres.


The general course will encompass art, craft & design and enable students to explore a range of 2 or 3 dimensional approaches to their studies either as freestanding or related experiences. Students will work in at least TWO disciplines from at least two different endorsements.

The disciplines (detailed within the endorsements) associated with the GCSE in Art and Design are: painting and drawing; printmaking; sculpture; alternative media; scenography; architectural, environmental and interior design; jewellery; product design; ceramic design; constructed textiles; film-based photography; digital photography; moving image; photography genres; advertising; illustration; packaging; typography; interactive media.


Textile design involves creation, selection & manipulation across a variety of practices.

Disciplines include:
Constructed textiles
Dyed textiles
Printed textiles
Fine Art textiles
Fashion textiles

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