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Business Studies

Business is a subject that will give you the skills and knowledge to understand how businesses are set up and managed. Business activity is the basis of so much that we take for granted in our everyday lives.

Businesses provide us with:

  • The goods that we buy in the shops and on the internet.
  • Jobs that allow us to earn the wages and salaries that give us the means to choose what we buy.
  • The services such as leisure activities, holidays and mobile phone networks that we buy to make our lives more interesting and rewarding.

Learning about activities such as enterprise, finance, operations, human resources and marketing makes Business one of the most exciting and relevant subjects that you can study at GCSE.

Course Outline

Assessment Information

AQA Business (8132)

The syllabus looks at all aspects of a business and how it operates, from start-ups to multinational companies.

Over the two year linear programme you will study 6 units:

3.1 Business in the real world

The purpose of business activity, business enterprise and the dynamic nature of business.

3.2 Influences on business

The importance of external influences on business and how they change in response to these influences

3.3 Business operations

What business operations involve, their role within production and the provision of services

3.4 Human resources

The purpose of human resources and its role within business

3.5 Marketing

The purpose of marketing and its role within business

3.6 Finance

The purpose of the finance function and its role within business

Paper 1 – Influences of operations and HRM on business activity

Written examination in June of Year 11

1 hour 45 minutes, 90 marks, 50% of the    award

Combination of multiple choice, short answer and case study questions

Paper 2 – Influences of marketing and finance on business activity

Written examination in June of Year 11

1 hour 45 minutes, 90 marks, 50% of the award

Combination of multiple choice, short answer and case study questions

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You will explore the different ways of setting up businesses, from business start-ups to large companies. You will investigate how to plan and finance these businesses and how to manage a business through making efficient use of their resources. You will be considering all functions of a business, such as marketing, operations management and people, as well as the competitive environment they operate in. You will take on the role of a management consultant in order to analyse problems and offer justified solutions to the scenario given in 2 written exams, developing your problem solving skills over the year.


You will now investigate multinational firms and the external factors that influence their behaviour. You will be considering major topical issues that can generate change and the marketing strategies needed to respond to this change. You will also be building up a knowledge of businesses in the real world. You will learn how to analyse accounts and use mathematical techniques for comparing data. You will develop your problem solving skills further and learn to challenge some of the assumptions made. These skills will be examined in Unit 3. You will need to use your knowledge of the business world in Unit 4, using real life examples to justify your decisions. You will also attend the Annual Perse Enterprise Conference which is a valuable insight into the world of business.

Assessment is carried out through written examinations which are unseen case study questions in Units 1-3 and a pre-released research topic examined again by unseen questions in Unit 4, together with an essay that is based on the whole syllabus.

AS: Units 1+2 are taken in June of Year 12.
A2: Units 3+4 are taken in June of Year 13.

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