Friday, 24 November, 2017

Music Technology

Music Technology A level develops the skills required to work in a recording studio through both theoretical and practical application. The Music Technology AS and A2 Level courses will use the Edexcel Specification.

There are many opportunities to become involved in extracurricular music activities for Sixth Formers, such as leading the House Music Competition, working with other students in the recording studio, recording concerts and setting up the sound for large school events.

Students can also participate in work experience outside school, installing sound systems and recording gigs and concerts.

Students should have preferably completed Music GCSE and have an interest in Music Technology, having already composed with music software packages such as Audacity or Garage Band. A general interest in ICT may also be useful. Some students take both Music Technology and Music A levels as two separate subjects.


You will develop your general Music Technology skills through producing a realised sequenced performance, where you will program a computer to produce an authentic performance of a piece set by the exam board. You will also be working in the recording studio to develop a multi-track recording, including tracks captured by microphone. You will learn about the best capture methods and how to process a final high quality mix. You will also arrange your own music using sequencing and audio techniques learnt in the studio.


You will build on the studio work already completed, becoming expert at using Cubase music software for the final analysing and producing exam in the recording studio. At this level you will develop your own compositions using the full range of Music Technology skills. You will create more complex multi-track recordings for your final portfolio of work. Those applying to university to take Music Technology or Audio Production courses will be given help and advice to develop a body of work that can be used at interview.

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