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Y12 PsychologyIf you are interested in people and their behaviour, this is the course for you.

This is a distance-learning course, closely monitored and supported by the school. There will be regular weekly video-conferenced lessons, discussion and group work. There will also be regular visits from a well-qualified Psychology tutor. This exciting course, involving supported self-study, will require highly motivated students with a genuine interest in the nature and processes of the human mind and human behaviour.

Psychology graduates develop the transferable skills that all employers require, such as communication, numeracy, independent learning and the ability to work in teams. Typical graduates pursue careers in human resources, careers advice, psychotherapy and counselling, advertising, marketing and retail management.


At this level, you will study 6 main areas, with a specific topic in each area.

Unit 1 includes Cognitive Psychology: Memory; Developmental Psychology: Early Social Development and Research Methods.
Unit 2 comprises Biological Psychology: Stress; Social Psychology: Social Influence and Individual Differences: Abnormality


At A2 level you will study three from a list of eight topics in Psychology for Unit 3:
Biological Rhythms and Sleep; Perception; Relationships; Aggression; Eating Behaviour; Gender; Intelligence and Learning; Cognition and Development.

Unit 4 covers Psychopathology, where you will study in detail one of Schizophrenia, Depression and Anxiety and also covers Disorders and Psychology in Action, where you will choose between Media Psychology; the Psychology of Addictive Behaviour and Anomalistic Psychology. The final section deals with Psychological Research and Scientific Method.

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